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Originally Posted by asdflkijd View Post
So recently, my lady friend and I have been thinking about raising a dog. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment. How do you think the dog will do in the apartments? We are looking into Golden Retrievers since they have a very good temperament and aren't too crazy.

Ideally, we would walk it/ take it outside regularly and give it plenty of exercise. I know they aren't the ideal apartment dogs but we really want to raise one. I just hope that it wont get stressed from living in a small place.

I've had plenty of dogs my life, and although they were raised outdoors (at my parents house), I have a good idea of what it takes.

Thanks in advance for all your input.
Love my Lab... We (ex) got her when we lived in a city apartment. It was the best time of our lives. We used to go to the dog park twice a day so our Lab could show off her UNRELENTING (think sore throwing arm) need to fetch. It was great.

Good luck with the pup!

MAJOR ADVICE: Make sure the dog is only in your name so some day at a bar after the bitch leaves you and takes the dog you love (which she'll never love like a man loves his Retriever) and most of your other worldly possessions, some friend doesn't drunkly quote Billy Madison and cause you to spend $10k on divorce attorney fees to get your freakin dog back. But... no regrets. Love my pup.