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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
Also, anyone else feel that the BBC can be a bit overly biased at times?

If it had been Hamilton or Button defending Schumacher, they will would have called it 'brilliant' or 'inspired' defending. But they seem to suggest that Schumi was being a bit reckless or breaking the rules (which I disagree with).

The speed commentators were also quite vocal about his blocking being illegal as well. Which it was. There was no reason to push him on the grass, and the double blocking was worse then what hamilton was penalized for at Malaysia.

Yes hamilton changed directions more then once (just like schumacher) difference is schumacher completely blocked hamilton, hamilton vs alonso, alonso could have gone by at any time if he had the speed as he was not effectively blocked by the weaving.

If you penalize hamilton for that you HAVE to penalize schumacher.

Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
Did anyone feel Hamilton was driving very soft, at least what I've grown to expect from him?
He just didn't have the speed on the straights, and when they were trying to out break each other he didn't seem to be as aggressive as he could be. From his public comments though you can tell he has given up on the year, no reason to wreck the car and get nothing but a DNF and a bill for it.

Originally Posted by raisemyrent View Post
A lot of what I wanted to say about MSC has been said already. So I will leave you with this: please name ONE other driver currently on the grid that you believe would be able to do this to LH under identical conditions (car difference, track, tyres, etc).

Thank you.
Schumi is a very good driver and a very good blocker, but any driver whos is around the same pace of another driver can keep someone behind him by blocking them all day. That's why the rule was made. Difference is schumi didn't make any mistakes when hamilton was in range to exploit them, and that's because he's a very good and experienced driver.

Also, I think most drivers would put up that aggressive of a defense, any other driver lower in the rank would have been immediately penalized. Imagine if kobiyashi or petrov did that.. they would have been penalized right away.

Despite this the only reason he was able top hold him is because Hamiltons car just didn't have the top speed, if he came out from behind schumi, even with DRS opened, he started slowing relative to him.