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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
One would assume that the M3 wasn't there for the same reason the Porsche Turbo, ZR1 and GT500 weren't there.

They said "best driver's car", so that meant the 1M, GT3, Z06 and Boss 302 were on the list instead of their quicker and faster siblings.

I was disappointed they didn't use an M3, even though they used it in 2008 and it ranked an impressive 3rd. I believe it ran a 1:42.8
Still, they could've used a 12' competiton package car, I'm sure the time would've been cut down even more so.

As far as the others. Very upset they didn't use the 12' GT3 RS 4.0, but understand because there are only 136 examples coming here. Evo Magazine got about a 1 second difference on their test track 4.0 vs 3.8 RS. Big difference there in only a few miles
I "wish" they would've used the GT2 RS, but it is out of production and I believe an 11' model.

As far as the Boss and the Z06 Centennial go, those are the dedicated "track" versions of said model. GT500's and ZR1's just ad weight over the nose, load on the suspension, more heat into the brakes and "subjectively" worsen the handling, just not on paper because they have loads more power.

Remember this comparison wasn't about "fastest" numbers but the best "feel"

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