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Thanks for the reply dude, I know its going to be tough but we are fully committed and ready to put our time and efforts into raising this pup. I've raised a couple of dogs in the past while living with my parents and I can tell you that if I look back at how they were raised, I would surely not make the same mistake again. We have a huge yard but our dogs weren't always allowed to roam free.

Its going to be tough but we have a pretty good plan set out, and we're looking into obedience classes right now. Do you guys have any suggestions? How are the classes at petsmart/ petco? Some people have said they are good, and other have highly been against them.

The big problem right now is that we're trying to find an apartment that will accommodate for the puppy. Also, most places have weight restrictions on anything over 20lbs. The puppy will be about 8-9 weeks old, do you think I could get by without them knowing? Of course until she is about a year old, then I can tell the management, or maybe just lie and tell them that its about a year old.. I don't see a problem unless they actually check the dog.

I can't speak on Petsmart of Petco training classes since I have no experience with them. I would assume however since they are both large national chains that some locations will be good and other not so good. It's pretty hard to find uniformly competent dog trainers all around the country. I found a trainer for my dog by searching forums and whatnot. If you do find a trainer, I would recommend one that uses positive reinforcement methods. There are a lot of such trainers, and one of the more prominent ones is Victoria Stillwell from the show Me or the Dog. Here is a blurb from her website that explains some of the basics of the philosophy:

As for your building, I guess it really depends on the management, your neighbors, and how much you are willing to risk it. When I was living in New york, my building did not allow dogs at all, but several of my neighbors had large and small dogs. The other residents and management were chill and basically ignored the policy as long as the dogs were well behaved, did not bark, and did not mess up the hallways. I'm sure though that if any dog was causing trouble, or the residents and/or management was anal, then the owner would be warned and possibly kicked out.
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