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Originally Posted by asdflkijd View Post
Thanks for the reply dude, I know its going to be tough but we are fully committed and ready to put our time and efforts into raising this pup. I've raised a couple of dogs in the past while living with my parents and I can tell you that if I look back at how they were raised, I would surely not make the same mistake again. We have a huge yard but our dogs weren't always allowed to roam free.

Its going to be tough but we have a pretty good plan set out, and we're looking into obedience classes right now. Do you guys have any suggestions? How are the classes at petsmart/ petco? Some people have said they are good, and other have highly been against them.

The big problem right now is that we're trying to find an apartment that will accommodate for the puppy. Also, most places have weight restrictions on anything over 20lbs. The puppy will be about 8-9 weeks old, do you think I could get by without them knowing? Of course until she is about a year old, then I can tell the management, or maybe just lie and tell them that its about a year old.. I don't see a problem unless they actually check the dog.
I'm curious why you even made this thread. No offense but your sound like you're already dead set on getting a Golden Retriever for your 1 bedroom apartment. Everyone is giving you very similar advice and even though you've been polite and thankful for said advice, your response has been much the same referring back to your past experience.

Of course it's possible to keep a dog that size in your apartment but it will cost you in many different fronts. A friend of mine got a Lab or Lab/Golden mix less than a year ago for his 3 bedroom 2 story condo. The dog has overgrown his place already. He takes the dog for obedience classes at the petsmart or petco. But the dog is just too big and has too much energy. Last time he left the dog unattended, dog messed up the WHOLE house; tore up a bunch of important documents too.