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Originally Posted by Totti View Post
haha I work Saturdays bitch!
The Ultimate Guide On How To Pretend You Own An M3

Chapter 9:Avoiding the dreaded meet/cruise.

If you ever find yourself in the situation where a meet/cruise is organised and you are invited then dont panic. Follow these simple steps and you will continue to be the envy of your friends who will believe you are one of the lucky ones to drive on this Earth in the ultimate driving machine.

Step 1:IGNORE THE POST....This may sound simple, but if you dont respond then people will think you're either too busy making your millions from your self created empire of you are out on some backroads redlining that expensive M3 of yours.

Step 2:If you have already posted then stress less. For people who dont really know you, these 4 simple words will get you out of it instantly. "I Have To Work". Other M3 owners will understand because making millions involves hard work. This will not only get you out of the cruise, but it will earn you status amongst fellow M3 enthutiasts.
However, DO NOT USE THIS EXECUSE FOR A WEEKEND MEET!. Real M3 owners do not need to work weekends as no real profitable business/company or high paid job ever trades on the weekend. They will see right through this and you will be exposed instantly as a fake.

Man who the hell works Saturdays? Tell Supre you're sick and get someone else to cover your shift?

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