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Originally Posted by erio View Post
You believe the m3 handles better and the GTR has numb steering? Please elaborate on your short comment that is without question totally false. Have you driven it on the track or just formed an opinion based on a test drive and comments by those who are in denial because a Nissan outperforms and is 20-30k more expensive than a well equipped BMW M3? Please explain how it handles better than an AWD car that's in a completely different league performance wise. This goes against reviews from professional drivers and my personal experience as I own both. They are both great cars in their own way, but it doesn't make much sense to compare them. They serve different purposes.
People have their own opinions and I have mine. Ive driven a gtr and I think it's a piece of crap. I don't care how fast it is, it feels and sounds like shit from behind the wheel.