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Originally Posted by bmw_enthusiasm View Post
Well...price was at the beginning $895 for the M3...
then I pointed to them that another mercedes dealer was suggesting $595

and toyota would do $395
so they said they will match toyota....

I am just thinking though...if this is regular wax and they ask naive buyers for $895...
could this be investigated somehow by consumer advocates...?
I can understand price matching in retail, since most competing retailers by a product for the same wholesale price, or close to it depending on bulk discounts. But the dealership dropped their price $500 from their starting price and that should be a red flag. No one in business is in it for charity. Even at $395, the dealer won't be losing money or else they just wouldn't offer you this coating; they'd move on to someone else before taking a loss. So how can they justify their initial price of $895? If they aren't willing to stand behind it, and will readily take over 50% less than they asked for to start, what kind of confidence can you have in that dealership anymore?

And as for any consumer advocate investigation, like Marc said earlier, what they are claiming would be next to impossible to prove. And most warranties for this type of dealer add-on stipulate, in the fine print of course, about 837 different things that can void your "7 year warranty."

In the end, whether you decide for or against the coating, I hope you research it enough to come to an educated conclusion. If you feel it's worth it to you, do it. But at least go into it knowing you did your due diligence and did it on your own terms, not because some dealership sales guy told you to or because some guy on the internet told you not to!