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Front Bumper Install?


UPDATE 9/11/2011: My problem right now is right under the headlights. There is a small gap but I cant seem to get it worked out. I tried everything. It fits great everywhere else. Not sure what to do :/? Are there clips or something that need to be attached? If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it. I know lots of people have done bumper installs so any guidance would be awesome. Thanks!

Hi guys,

I have had my actual euro front bumper installed for a while now and have had a few fitment issues from the beginning. Nothing really bad, but I have some time this weekend so I was thinking of messing around with it. It seems like everything is bolted on tight and in the right area. problem is there seems near the air ducts there is a little more gap like the bumper is pushed out a bit. And that under the headlights there is a small gap as well. Anyone know of any adjustments that I cant think of? Again everything bolted on to OEM so figured it would fit easily.

Thanks for your help. I can try and get a few pics too, but wont be until later.
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