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Thank you very much for everyone's comment.

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wow sick car what kinda rims are those? I want
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Sick car. Amazing pics
What are the wheels you got? Love the single red spoke.
18" Volks TE37SL

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Q: wut would jesus drive?

A: this

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Is it street legal?
No engine mod, street tires, why not?

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Beautiful car. The stainless steel rods should be black chrome. Other than that the car is perfect.
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just wrap/paint or anodize the splitter supports black
Good one. I have never thought about that.

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Any other power mods? The car seem fast at couple of tracks but not at the others? Different setup and mods for each track time posted?

Looks like the car can use a bit more camber.
All my lap times had different set up and may be weather condition. The car didn't complete until now. I will try to go back to those tracks and see what I can do.
Thanks for the camber advise. I just put -0.4 more camber for fronts and rears.

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nice car! what kind of weight savings have you done to it? It looks like you have your dash still there.
Not that much because roll bar is heavy.

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So have you always been a supporter of Hankook tires? Do you recommend? (haven't done much research myself... )
I like how grippy and cheap to buy of Hankook's. RS3 and AD08 are the best street tires IMO. I would recommend RS3 in 18"s and AD08 in 19" if you ever want to track.

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One of the cleanest, purpose built E9X M3 I have seen to date. Great job Ricky, by the way do you have any pictures of the interior?

Thanks again for sharing.
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Beautiful. You did it right. I also want to see interior pics. Any? Volks look great in that color on the red M3. I also love them on a a white M3. Beautiful. Good job.
It's coming. James and my buddies just took some shoot last night.

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How do you drive around town with a lip like that?
I can tell it's easier than driving a lower stock M3. I don't afraid of scratch anymore.