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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
I just read the news about Boullier set the deadline about this.
I think Renault is getting ridiculous, how can you expect a seriously injured driver who had gone through several massive surgeries to give you a clear yes or no by next month.

Replacing Heidfeld IMO was all about money even if Renault disagrees. There were two solid finish for Heidfeld if it wasn't he got pushed out to the grass by Alguerisuari and his car exploded in Hungary. Petrov is performing about the same as Nick but the Russian brings in more money.

For some reason I was thinking they just need an excuse to put drivers with massive financial backup in the driver seat. e.g. Senna and Petrov.
And don't bother waiting for Kubica at all.
I agree, Renault are getting ridiculous. Ferrari was very supportive of Massa's recovery and have given him plenty of opportunities to get back to his old self. Renault seem content to throw Kubica under the bus (a bit harsh, but true) if he is not better in a few weeks' time.

I don't mind this, honestly. If Kubica can get back to prior levels of fitness and skill, I wouldn't want to see him waste his time at Renault anyway. They are clearly a team that is going nowhere for the near future. So perhaps this is better, as it will get him out of his contract and into a better race seat in '12 or '13.

I'd love to see what he could do with a Ferrari or Red Bull