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Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
Not sure if other advice ive received around this topic is accurate but what about the cutting out of daily products from a diet in addition to cardio/ab work etc.?
You don't have to cut out dairy, it won't directly help you accomplish anything.

You can eat whatever you want, you just have to learn to count calories and keep track of your protein/carbs/fat balance. Find your BMR (google), and if you're trying to lose weight, eat below that calorie level. Eat at, for example a 40%/30%/30% protein/carb/fat diet and you'll lose weight.

You can adjust those ratios for yourself depending on many factors, but it's a good starting point. For example, if you do a lot of cardio, you'll want to up the carbs, for just losing weight/maintaining muscle, up the protein, etc.

I use the Myfitnesspal app for the iPhone to track all this, but there are plenty of resources out there. Once you get into a routine, it's not much work at all to track. Most days I don't even have to any more because during the week, my diet is pretty consistent.