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I have been doing a lot of reading on forums, websites, etc and found this great write-up from owners that have experienced raising a golden in a apartment/ condo.

Now as of late, I have had quite a few people express concern about raising a dog in a city and in an apartment.. so I'm here to just give my 2 cents about it. being a city dog owner.

Before I started to look at breeders (who, for the most part, have been understanding and willing to listen to my personal situation) I took a look at rescues to find a dog and well.. lets just say it didn't go well. The minute I mentioned apartment I was turned down by every.single.rescue I spoke to. and in my opinion, this is wrong. they knew nothing else about me.
Is a dog so much better off living in a crowded foster home or shelter than.. *GASP* an apartment?

City life is different. yea.I will be the first to admit it.
My golden won't be running free in our acre backyard catching and retrieving ducks, so many could argue that this isn't a goldens "natural" environment but really.. is that really rare these days? how many dogs live the life in the same kind of environment that their ancestors did once upon a time?
Dogs adapt. they always have.

so heres to settle some rumors flying around..

"Your dog will be cooped up and miserable in a city/apartment. These dogs need exercise!"
ALL the large dogs that I know who live in the city get PLENTY of exercise and attention (even moreso than the dogs who live in "regular homes" that I know)
Why? because you don't have a choice lol the dog has got to go out, you've gotta walk em. there is no "oh just let him/her out into the yard", its not even an option. and its not like you can ignore them, you are sharing a space with them, they are with you constantly and there is no yard to put them in lol
My dog will be able to go out with me every day, have fun at the park EVERY DAY and go for walks and play. Why is this so bad? Does having a backyard for her really matter?

and as for living in small spaces.. come on. I know dogs who spend 6 hours a day in crates. lets be real here.

IT IS NOT ABOUT THE SPACE. It's about having an owner willing to do what she can to meet the dogs needs (this holds true with ALL dog owners).
Is it harder to give a dog the exercise it needs without a backyard? yea probably. but that doesn't mean its impossible.
Parks, dog walkers, doggy daycare, dog parks.. the city is FULL of ways to accomplish this and also full of HAPPY HEALHY DOGS.

"Well, can you really afford a dog? You must live in an apartment due to financial reasons"
lol very common misconception.
I live in a city in an apartment because I love the city, and I love apartment life. I like elevators, door men, neighbors, the close proximity, the noise lol all of it. I can't imagine having a house, maybe I never will..who knows.

and you think that I don't pay as much to live here as some people in homes? HA HA HA. check out the apartment prices in major cities next time you are looking around lol you would be surprised.

Why not just get a small dog?
I don't want a small dog.
I have nothing against small dogs, our family dog is a chihuahua who I love very much, but I don't want one. I want a golden.

What if your building stops allowing pets? its not a stable situation.
another common misconception is that ALL landlords are these awful people out to destroy pet owners lives.
My landlord LOVES dogs.
and most importantly, when I signed my lease. the rules that are on there "All dogs of accepted breeds are allowed" etc.. are the rules I follow as long as I live there. The rules instated later on do not apply to me or my dog, they only apply to those signing new leases/moving in.

The landlord signed a contract stating that me and my pet will always be allowed to live here with me. Regardless of new rules affecting the building.

Part 2. If you have to move you are going to get rid of your dog

Now, lets say through alien invasion my building is destroyed and I must move.
This doesn't mean I am getting rid of my dog.
I have wanted a golden retriever since I was 7 years old, moving without my dog wouldn't even occur to me.

Does it happen that people move and get rid of pets? yes. but that is because of PEOPLE, not because they lived in apartments. that has to do with their priorities and personal lives.

I live in one of the most dog friendly cities in the world. I picked a breed that is NEVER on the banned breed list.
Trust me, if I need to move.. I will find another place.

and yea, life happens. some people that even lay the BEST LAID plans fall through and MUST rehome their dogs.
are all these people people that live in apartments? No. Life happens... and sometimes people must make that choice.
its our willingness to make that choice, the plans we make, and what we do in that situation that makes us GOOD DOG OWNERS. not where we live.

What about neighbors and noise complaints?

My closet, where the crate/puppy will be when I am not home is sound proofed and can't be heard from the rest of my apartment let along anywhere else but lets say that I didn't have that option

Puppies aren't puppies forever. and yea, the first nights home, they cry.
I live in a building full of people with pets, people that GET THAT.
and yea, dogs make noise and some dogs REALLY make noise

I am a good neighbor, of course I would excuse myself and tell those around me that I'm sorry for the noise and do all I can to stop it.
There are options even if I have a VERY LOUD DOG.
Sound proofed areas, kongs, doggy daycare, TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING

Noise complaints are rare. This is city. NOISE IS EVERYWHERE. Car alarms, ambulances, helicopters, people on the street, etc..
This building also has children and because its so pet friendly, LOTS OF OTHER DOGS. lol people are pretty understanding

Your dog is going to get shot/stolen

Cities have crime, yup, lots of happens.
this doesn't mean everyday of my life is like an episode of cops lol
I live in a safe building in a safe neighborhood.


I hope this opened your eyes a bit to people living in cities.

I think happy dogs with great lives live EVERYWHERE (apartments, cities, mansions, trailer parks, suburbs, farms) and they all have one thing is common..
LOVING OWNERS . that's what matters. not so much the other stuff.

Saying that all large dogs (or dogs in general) in cities have bad lives is like saying all dogs in regular homes have GREAT lives. and we all know that isn't true.

So try look at people case by case, don't judge a person by one tiny factor.. try to look at them as a person as a WHOLE and go from there

Responsible, loving dog owners come in all shapes, sizes, walks of life, colors, living situations, etc.. and I think they should all get a chance