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Akrapovic Evolution - quick review

Props to Andrew@Southern BM for putting up with my 1,000 questions and emails over this but he looked after me and arranged freight to Adelaide.

I had been looking into a good quality exhaust system for my E92 but as I had been "scarred" by previous experiences of overly loud or droney exhausts on previous cars I was reluctant to do anything that would compromise the quality of my car. My decision was made all the more difficult by the fact that there are no Akra dealers in Adelaide, nor to best of my knowledge, was there anyone who had an Akra exhaust on their car here where I could listen to. (As it turns out, there was someone else, but I found that out much later).

So I decided to do as much research as possible online by reading other people's reviews and watching about 500 youtube video clips. Based on this, I decided to take the plunge.

On the day of installation, I went down to the garage to check out the exhaust and was blown away by the weight - or lack of it. I lifted up the stock system and it felt like a concrete block in comparison. I had also read a lot about the build quality and workmanship of the Akra system and can confirm that it's like a work of art - a metallic work of art. It almost looks and feels too good to be used as an exhaust system, hidden away under the car where no-one can see it.

After installation, the mechanic started the engine and I heard a nice, deep bassy sound, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't as loud as I thought. The idle note is actually quite similar to stock, just a bit more bass to it.

I had also ordered the Akra Delete-R module to eliminate CEL, as well as the carbon fibre tips, which look great on my AW car. Pics to follow.

So, the driving experience. The first thing that hits you when you drive is the noticeable roar. Once you get past 2K, there is a very definite roar that builds - subtle at first, but then becomes very obvious - and it sounds amazing. At higher revs, over 5K, the sound becomes more frenetic, much like the V8 Supercars, but not as loud. The pitch and tone is very similar to the said V8's, but at all times it retains a deep, yet not overly intrusive, roaring sound. And the bonus? No drone. I drove 170km on highway roads over the weekend at various speeds up to 130km/h and never once did I detect a drone.

The performance: The first few days, I didn't notice any real difference, but that was mainly suburban driving. I attributed this to the ECU relearning though, and after around 3 days I found that the car started to pull harder out of corners , especially in 2nd and 3rd. On the country drive that I did, I found the car feeling more effortless going up hills and that throttle response was slightly sharper. I feel that the car would greatly benefit from a tune, and this is planned at a later date.