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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
Bulletproof RB7 and Vettel. A great way to celebrate his first ever win here back in 2008.
I'd say the gear box rev limiter screwed Hamilton.
Solid and control driving from Button.
Fantastic start from Alonso.
Are we seeing the good old Schumi return? He did a great defending racing against Hamilton. Although a bit over the limit and pushing the boundaries a few times. Great racing!
Agreed, that was a fun race to watch.

It's really frustrating to see Alonso get these amazing starts and then end up (relatively speaking) nowhere - Ferrari need to do something to get themselves out of this hole.

That battle between Hamilton & Schumacher was awesome stuff - real classic defending from Schumi, and controlled aggression from Hamilton. That Mercedes had a great race setup that allowed him to counterattack every time Hamilton passed him.

And a funny side note - my DVR recorded the entire grand prix without audio, so I didn't have to listen to the horrible ramblings of the Speed guys! Amazingly, it was almost easier to follow without audio.