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Originally Posted by carogers86 View Post
Can Vanity or anyone else share their thoughts about doing this low-carb diet and including 10-15 hours of aerobic exercise? Specifically, 4-5 days into the diet completing a 2.5 hour flat and easy ride became difficult.

Years ago I raced road bikes at the professional level and could easily manage 4-5 hour rides with 4-5 cliff bars and a coke. I have been riding more to get my legs back (and lose weight) and have worked up to riding 4-5 hours easy on completely flat roads. Around day 4 or 5, a 2.5 hour ride would feel like 6 hours. I would be completely "bonked" @ 2.5 hours.

I know that a low-carb diets can deplete glycogen which has an affect on aerobic exercise. I started contemplating the idea of taking "cliff shots" (energy gel) with me to keep me going. These shots have 28g of carb and 8g of sugar. From what I understand, these shots are made to quickly replenish the glycogen lost by endurance athletes.

If I maintain a carb intake of no more than 20g, excluding the energy gels I use DURING my ride, would my body stay in ketosis? I feel I can go from fully loaded glycogen stores to ketosis in 6 hours by mashing out a grueling training ride; I mean these rides can drain your glycogen in a matter of hours.

What is your height and weight? And what are your goals? To lose weight then resume a normal diet?

I would suggest eating a normal diet that is has a 500 calorie deficit of your TDEE. With this you will lose 1-.15 lbs. per week. Use your bike rides as cardio session's and yes you need carb's to ride without feeling like crap.