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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
I've heard this exhaust on DaveS0997's car (E92 M3, comp pack). Was genuinly surprised with the sound and price. Doesn't sound as good as the Akra, but for the price/value point I think you would have a hard time beating it!
See here I think you are dead wrong. I dont think the Akra sounds that good at all. I think you are one if those that are blinded by the name. I shopped mine for several months looking at various videos, talking to some local tuners, cars shows etc and they ll said the same thing.....a fool and his money are soon parted. There are many manufacturers that make or reproduce the same piece for a whole lot less money and they are identical in build quality, sound etc as the named brand. I truly hate spending money on something as stupid as a name welded to the same metal can that is the next guy. When I tell people what I have and more importantly what I paid they are flabbergasted! I simply tell them that just because its an M dosent mean you have to be a fool and take it in the ass just because they tell you that you need to. The arrogance of some of these aftermarket manufacturers is amazing quite frankly in that respect.