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It does drone at low RPM, 3000+/-, at least on mine. as far as cost, I am doing primary back(primary cate delete, x-pipe secondary cat delete and exhaust) with a custom dyno tune for less than some are selling just an exhaust. ie Akra, Eisenmann, AP Racing. etc. ITs ridiculous. what some people are willing to pay just to say they have a Akra or other etc exhaust. The Megan Racing is an EXACT, and I mean EXACT match of the AP Racing in weight, shape and quality. The only issue is getting one in the U.S. as apparently they are in very short supply. The only thing I did different was have the exhaust welded as opposed to clamped as clamping it leads to leaks etc.

I did not do a before and after dyno but I as well as other that have been in my car can definitely notice the difference. I'll see if I can get a friend to video of a fly by with the x-pipe and exhaust.