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Wow so much feedback... I took my 2011 m3 that's was non zcp and a 2010 with zcp out again yesterday to the track. I changed all the settings to sport on both cars.
Visuals- first I couldn't really notice the ride hight difference at all, and secondly the rims; IMHO the zcp rims looked more aggressive and like I said earlier the non zcp 19's looked more classic.
Performance- the zcp car did drive a little stiffer, handling wise I felt a little more response on the first lap I had done, but the car had already done 2 so that could have been the heat of the tires. Acceleration breaking exactly the same.
Overall opinion- if you like the wheels and like having dampening controls that don't do much for the car but do change the personality of it by a little then I say it's worth it. But if your like me and rather spend 2300 dollars and get a little performance upgrades rather then cosmetic then it's not. Now I know the zcp car is re-mapped but nothing I really noticed between the two. So there it is a first hand impressions of the comp pac vs non. Hope i didn't piss anyone off