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Originally Posted by khaye1 View Post
Try F2.8-3.5 just to get the car in focus and everything else OOF. F8-11 to bring your background into the pic
I'm pretty sure he meant the Mac post-processing program called Aperture, as opposed to aperture settings on a lens.

EDIT: But wait, now that I read it again, it's possible he may have meant aperture settings on a lens, since it's not clear if he was using landscape/portrait presets on his Nikon camera, or the ones provided in the Mac app Aperture.

If it's the latter, what khaye1 said applies. Also, I would use whatever the equivalent Nikon setting is for aperture-priority mode (for Canon it's Av). That way, it'll simplify things, and all you have to worry about is aperture and ISO.

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