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Originally Posted by Pointerman View Post
I guess I view my marriage a bit different than you. The stuff we have is ours. There is no mine and hers, but then again; I actually do plan on having the same wife my entire life. Not an attitude shared by most from what I read around here.

Think about what you just said about all in here...

I don't think you got the message....
While I find your sharing idea beautiful,
and some things are made to be shared, some other things
are inherently private or they can be if this is what you wish.

For example having your own thoughts, toys, freedom of speech , action,
individuality, etc...

These are the things that make you special enough
to be able to click with your other half in an intelligent manner
that will build up the fundamentals for a lifetime.

Imagine if he didn't want his son or his daughter to drive?
would that mean that he doesn't want to be their father anymore?

The whole idea of 'blindly' sharing everything, can effect your character to a point that, you may end up being manipulated (or she may by you) --

On the other hand, if you are completely 'private' then you are missing
the notion of family and you are also failing of course.

The answer is balance and moderation.

IF the wife is in position to appreciate the M3
and care enough to the point that she doesn't treat it like a camry,
then I wouldn't mind her driving it. However, I would also respect
someone who may say that he just doesn't want ANYONE else to
drive his M3. Its all right..
M3 is not a car. It is an instrument. things like that can be character traits of many people in here.
And hence they have the potential to be private.

Again, we are fortunate that we have some gifted women who do care about their M3's and they are present in the forum; We should all salute them !!

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