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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Wish the system was updated a little better. You'd think that once you had a production number, it would be in the system and more easily watched.
You'd think that the production number would at least be tied to a production week or allocation or something. As far as I can tell, the production number just represents an order and can float around forever potentially.

My dealer is one of the biggest in SoCal, I was told I have the first 2012 M3 order, and it was also on BMWs list of top dealers in the US that was put out... with all that and still not having a confirmed allocation is starting to get me worried that something is wrong...

I'll be bugging my CA later today to see if he can look into what's going on. You know that you're week 41, so apparently they can set dates in advance. Very weird!

I just talked to the phone rep at BMW NA and he said the 800 number pretty much only updates once the car is actually *in* production so that may be why you're not getting any updates.