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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
You just don't get it do you? You've been arguing in circles about something that is inherently subjective (you are making the same mistake in the other thread about people making modifications to their cars, and how that should be for Japanese cars only). First, you said it wasn't noticable, then you said it was, and then you again said it wasn't. Which one is it? I am against it in principle, and do not need to experience it to comment on it. It's like saying I don't like red. Do I need to buy a red car to be able to say that? It's like the nonsense active steering system BMW created. I didn't need to experience that to know that I wouldn't like it either. Whatever...
Against my better judgement I'm going to respond to this. I suggest you keep quiet unless you want to make an even bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

The point is that soft-stop has such a minor affect on the driving experience that you could quite happily drive the car and not even know it's there. Only if you CHOOSE to let it intervene by the way you bring the car to a stop does it ever become noticeable.

Not sure I understand the relevance of liking red, modding your car, or the active steering. These are things which are impossible to hide on your car. If you had no choice but to buy the E92 M3, in red, modded and with active steering (if it was even an option) then quite rightly you'd better like these things because they are impossible to ignore on the car.

However, soft-stop is very easy to ignore on the cars which are so equipped. If you think soft-stop has the same impact on the driving experience as active steering (which I don't like), then you are very much mistaken.

Once again, I wouldn't comment on something which you quite clearly know nothing about.