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Originally Posted by ///M-Turismo View Post
I am just looking for a good looking sports/special car. If it was couple years back I would of got the M3 right away, but I couldn't at that time. Now I can finally get the car the fact that the car will be outdated very soon and the next M3 will be more powerful and eats less gas worries me. Let's face it, everyone wants the newest things.
Okay, if you want "special" then you want an M (assuming BMW). Secondly, the e9x M3 styling is far from outdated. A new 2011/12 M3 will still look nice for years to come. Thirdly, It will likely be 2014 until you can actually get the next gen M3 in the U.S. Or wait for the M5 in 2012 if it is within your price range.
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