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Originally Posted by disapr View Post
lukester - Why isn't anyone else on the track moving? It must suck to always have slow cars in the way.
At the Nordschleife it's all about how good you know the track.
This thing is over 13 miles long and has 73 corners.
Many or most of them are blind.

Already did a 2 day driver training on this track and have driven there far over 250 laps. That gives some confidence.

I'm not a professional driver....just somebody loving to race cars.

And my Challenger isn't a slow thing. Most e92 M3s won't be able to keep up.'s heavy. But with over 570HP and tons of torque and 4 285/35-20 Toyo R888 tires, big brake, suspension, .... it's pretty fast.

Some others just don't know the track and drive slowly (which is 100% the right thing to do) or just have slow cars.

And "new" track tool is faster than my Challenger.
It's not Supercharged ... but after some mods it weights only 3329lbs.