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Originally Posted by flyinb501 View Post
How did you like the 6.0? I've read some bad things about that motor. I'm going to be in the market for Diesel Super Duty soon, and I need to decide 7.3L vs. 6.0L.
I have owned both, and in the construction industry I talk to owners of both.

For trouble free miles 7.3 hands down, it pains me to say that, I have a 6.0 now. The 7.3 is a less refined engine, but it just keeps making noise and working. I have seen several with between 300,000 and 400,000 miles with no major problems (clutches, and a turbo here and there).

My 6.0 has had a HPFP (sound familiar around here?) problem, and a turbo rebuild and a bunch of sh*t that goes with both of those things, at under 50,000 miles estimate was $5,200 for the repairs but the fleet guy was good to my and it only cost $3,800.