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Originally Posted by Nati Beastcat View Post

I've had my share of mustangs! 93 5.0 GT, 92 5.0 Lx notch back, 93 5.0 Lx notch back and a 98 cobra with a 10 lb. Procharger with intercooler etc. etc. as far as bmw's 93 318is sold to a friend still running with over 250,000 miles on it A 98 E36 M3 and currently a E90 M3.

Do you need 2 doors or four doors? BMW you have your pick with the M and the mustang your stuck with two.

Listen I've had a long love affair with Mustangs, but GT500 or not its still a mustang. Everyone has them bottom line! In a GT500 people that like mustangs will drool when you drive past but it ends there. I don't care what anyone says EVERYONE wants or has WANTED an M3 at some point in time. true the M3 lacks some HP vs. the GT500 but you'll make it up else where.

I have friends that are Chevy/Ford guys through and through. Drag some fast cars that go low 9's but they all lust after my M's even the E36 when I had it. The M is the total package. May not be the fastest in a straight line but thats not what its all about (to me anyway).

Drive both and decide for your self. If you're worried about maintenance don't buy any car keep your old one.
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