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Originally Posted by devo View Post
Correct, no back seats. If you did need those then a reason not to dd it. I don't think the ride is any more rough than the GTR I test drove. Granted that was a 2009. As a matter of fact the .2 GT3 was softer in normal suspension mode. GT3s have sport and normal suspension modes as well as quiet and rock on exhaust mode .

Ground clearance is a toss up I thought, maybe not. Mine barely ever scrapes but I am cognizant of it. The front lip is meant to take abuse anyway and is very easily replaced.

I think its pretty close too. The GTR is no touring car. That said I have never really understood the harsh ride slams. They're sports cars and they're suppose to be firm. I can't tell a difference in ride quality between my 2009 and 2012 GTR. Frankly the only thing that gets annoying to me using a sports car as a DD isn't harsh ride quality, its road noise (and the Nissan has plenty of that).

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