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Originally Posted by erio View Post
??? GT3 has no back seat, rougher ride (GTR has a comfort setting), smaller trunk, and ground clearance is even worse. Now the back seats in the GTR are not huge by any means, but still able to fit two adults and larger than 911 rear seats. I honestly don't use my back seats very much. However, they are there if I need them.
Correct, no back seats. If you did need those then a reason not to dd it. I don't think the ride is any more rough than the GTR I test drove. Granted that was a 2009. As a matter of fact the .2 GT3 was softer in normal suspension mode. GT3s have sport and normal suspension modes as well as quiet and rock on exhaust mode .

Ground clearance is a toss up I thought, maybe not. Mine barely ever scrapes but I am cognizant of it. The front lip is meant to take abuse anyway and is very easily replaced.