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Originally Posted by RudyP View Post
I looked at a pretty similar choice as you. Picked up a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 a few months ago because I liked the value and wanted a newer car with good performance. I'm now in the process of selling the mustang and buying a 2011 M3. The mustang was not right for me. I thought I wouldn't care but I don't like the image a mustang projects for a corporate executive, the materials and build quality is marginal and the handling/steering are not up to German precision standards. So it wasnt right for me but that is incredibly subjective. These mustangs are huge performance bargains and there is really nothing wrong with them if they are right for you. The GT500 is a beast in a straight line.
How true it is. It is a simple fact of our society that there is an "image" associated with every car on the road, and our society has come to associate certain cars with certain types of people.

BMW will make no pretenses about the fact that their cars are meant not only to perform but to represent a certain social status and/or sophisticated buyer.

Like it or not, good or bad, snooty, snobby, or whatever, it is just the way it is.

Seriously, if I showed up to work in a Mustang, I would probably be laughed at.

I actually thnk the GT500 is a very hot looking car with obvious performance capabilities and a tremendous value, but it is also still a Mustang, and a Mustang says "high school".
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