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Originally Posted by Mjolnir View Post
So it's rainy today and I get in my car and the defrost. Big mistake. The windows fog up to the point of not being able to see a thing while driving. It takes 10 minutes to clear.

Advice on best settings to avoid this?
I don't drive mine often in the rain, but I had the same experience one time; makes for a few minutes of sporty driving in traffic! As I recall, the air came out hot, which I think made things worse, since it was warm weather. I figure I'll try it again (out of traffic this time), and experiment a little. I might try selecting AC, and the upper air outlets, see what happens. Could be the defrost button is for cold weather operation. As you can tell, I resist reading the manual. I mean, anyone can do it that way, but it takes a real man to drive into a wall while fiddling with buttons, at least my wife seems to think so. What they need to do is buy the GM HVAC system!