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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
^ Well, I never brought up the issue of warranty, since I believe it is a non-issue. I just suggested track insurance (dream track insurance) in case you wanna go for a (dream) track tour.

I think asking "why" is human nature, and we are all nosy f@cks that spend way too much time on message boards, so yeah, we are curious.

But you are correct, the "why" has very little to do with the actually question you've asked. But it is a risk you run into when posting question on a public forum.
Sorry the post wasn't exactly pointed specifically at you my fellow bimmerpost member, but at what had happened in the thread as a whole.

I do fully understand that 'why' is human nature, and for that reason I originally (though very briefly) mentioned my reasoning.

I just got frustrated/annoyed that it went so off topic with no real responses (until later) to the question at hand.

I guess for me, since I am rather active on this forum, it is an annoyance when a thread starts to go OT so quickly... or let alone go OT at all.
I understand if it's a generic question/well known question/opinion oriented question (like 'which exhaust is the best," or "what mods should i get if i have X to spend?")...but when the question at hand does not have any opinion related to it nor to it's possible answer, it gets slightly bothering that people start taking thing personal, arguing, etc instead of answering the question

Now, if the question has been answered and a solution has been met... well then IMO that thread is now anything that goes OT is whatever (Sorry I'm tired so take my poor grammar and choice of vocabulary with a grain of salt) and I don't care

Anyways, i can notice that my typing is going downhill, so I'm just going to nap :P