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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
^ This makes no sense. You asked about how to turn it off because you don't wanna be located if anything happens to your car on the track. Your words not ours. Although you cleverly disguise it as being a dream - wow, you have us folded.

I also like how you asked on a public forum, and when people ask you about it...all over sudden it is none of our business - well done.
FYI I'm not trying to fool anyone.
But, as many know, BMW NA does indeed monitor public forums.
Thus, as long as one does not state what he is doing, what he may do, or what he may plan to do, than he is free from prosecution...more or less. I don't want to get into detail about it etc etc as it's meaningless.
I know of a couple of cases where 335i owners had their warranties jeopardize due to openly admitting to have a tune on their vehicle.
Let's just end it there.

Next, can you please explain to me why my reasoning (yes I may have made a mention of the track in the original post, and I would have edited it, though I was quoted thus no reason to edit it.. I did this to explain why, though I was not required to do so, i did so cause I knew people would ask. Ironically, although it was briefly (not in detail) stated..people continued to ask), whatever that reasoning may be, has anything to do with the answer of "How can you disable BMW Assist?"

Can you please tell me why one would want to disable BMW Assist has any correlation to how one does it?

Hypothetically, EVEN IF one wanted to do something that may be 'wrong' in one person's point of view, why would that have ANY influence on the question at hand?
To get back to the xpipe reference... putting a catless exhaust 'destroys' the environment, plus it's not street legal, it smells disgusting at red lights potentially causing discomfort to those around you.
So by that, wouldn't answering questions about catless xpipes and how they increase power substantially 'wrong'? and that we should not answer those questions?

If you noticed, I repeated my point in a couple of different ways so that hopefully the point can be addressed and answer (if anyone cares to do so), and not have the topic changed etc.

I still do not understand why the issue of warranty came into place by one asking to disable BMW Assist except with in the sense that that part ('that' being the fuse/connector/etc connected to BMW Assist) would (more than likely) no longer be covered

Anyways, I'm tired of this, I have no more opinions on this matter.
If my above questions are answered/clarified, I'll be glad to read them, but there is no point in going on further.

This thread went off topic immediately and stayed off topic except for a couple of helpful posts (and I appreciate those who made helpful posts).

Have fun going OT