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Originally Posted by jateshk View Post
first you have terrible English.

second, your first post to last post you are contradicting each other.

tell us the purpose for disabling your assist?
Do excuse me for not having proper English at all times, especially when I am in a rush

I asked a question, I got an answer, end of thread.

Also, what is it to you (and anyone else) WHY I ask such a question?

It is none of your business as the reasoning would not help answer the question.

Now, if my reasoning behind a certain question (whatever that question may be), helps myself/others/etc to come up with an adequate answer, than yes, the reasoning behind the question is extremely important and should be revealed.

However, in this instance, the question at hand (How can you disable BMW Assist?), knowing the reasonings behind this question are irrelevant.

It's like someone asking "Which Xpipe makes more power?!?!"

Well, WHY do you ask this question? Why do you want more power? For what purpose do you feel you need this power? The M3, stock, has over 400 horsepower to the crank; is this power insufficient for you?

WHY someone wanting extra power does NOT answer the question at hand (that question being "Which Xpipe makes the more power?")

Now, if the question at hand was say: "Which exhaust system is the best?!?"

Then well... you need to ask the op the reasoning for such a question.
When he mentions "best," does he mean 'loudest'?
Does he mean "lightest"?
Does he mean most expensive?

etc etc etc...
I feel I made my point...

Anyways, I got my answer to my question.
Thank you those who helped answer my question, I just need to ask my tech which fuse it is and how to access it quickly and easily

You're right in that I won't even need BT while dreaming that I am at the track

To clarify though, warranty is of no concern for me.

With my dream M3, I can go and put a blower on it, I can go into the dealer and get engine work done under warranty
let's just leave it at that shall we?
Anything is possible in dreams after all
Or dreams within a dream
or a dream within a dream within a dream