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Originally Posted by Wall$treet View Post
We joke about this but it is actually really sad. BMW performance was a relatively new product line that started a few years back and at first they actually provided performance upgrades. Now they have gone almost completely cosmetic and I absolutely do not get it.

Simply from a business standpoint there is OODLES of money to be made in the aftermarket scene and look at how many people here alone bought the M performance exhaust and look at how many 335 guys have the performance exhaust. They could be raking in more money if they offered some true performance upgrades for the m3 instead of plastic pieces and a wing.

Starting with a nice brake upgrade designed specifically for the m3's characteristics. Also some lowering springs that lower it 0.5 inches and work well with the suspension so you do not have to worry about replacing the entire setup if you just want to lower the car but not want to have a springy/bouncy ride with compromised handling like you do if you just randomly put on aftermarket lowering springs.

I think bmw is frankly missing the boat on a lot of money. Not just for the m3 but every performance line needs to offer more meaty performance
Completely agree. There is a boatload of money to be made here, and likely people would pay a premium price for upgrades that came with a BMW warranty. Brakes (ceramics even!!), performance mid-pipe, short shift kit, upgraded shift knob, intake, ECU tune, better aero parts, etc, etc. Not sure why BMW hasn't jumped on this for their M cars. Maybe they feel their M cars need no further tuning? Still, i think they are missing a nice opportunity for everyone. It would be a win-win scenario in my book.

Oh, and those stripes are the lamest, most embarrassing thing I have seen come from BMW....ever. WTF?!?!
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