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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
I'd jump into a Carrera for the price. Props to the GT-R for being a budget supercar.
Originally Posted by KTM505SX View Post
95+K will get you into a 997GT3,that will leave you in awe in not just power but grip,feel,build quality,weight(800lbs) and feedback.The soundtrack from the Metzger flat 6 at 8400rpms will make GTR sound like a Dyson.Keep on looking and try a GT3 at full wail,you'll be back here with another write up having forgotten about a particular Japanese car!
I drove an 09 and could probably get it for close to $60k. Agree, I would look at a GT3 if I wanted to spend $90k and that would be more up my alley, but I could see myself DD-ing a GT-R but not a GT3.

Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
of course stunning....More $$ = more/better car...nor surprised really...if i were going to drop 90k+, i just wouldnt choose that car
That is remarkably oversimplified. An 09 when it came out was not too far off the price of an M3 and the performance difference is extraordinary. There are tradeoffs as I mentioned, but overall it is great value for the performance you get. For ~$100k, I would look elsewhere but still give the car its due. Have you had a chance to drive one? If not, would recommend you do. I've driven loads of fast cars and in terms of feel it *felt* substantially faster than anything I have driven recently. Part of that may have been down to my expectations of the car giving more a feel of a GT car with strong thrust versus the violent acceleration I felt.

Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
What do you prefer about SMG over DCT?
Prefer the more raw feeling of a sequential manual if I am going to give up a 6 speed. DCT obviously has a better auto function, but I could care less about that.
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