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Originally Posted by attila View Post
I will post some sound clip of the GT3 RS / RSS bypass combo. I also did testdrive a 2010 GT-R and it is very fast car. I am invited now to test the new 2012 one and likely will do next week. I cannot tell you why i did go with the GT3 RS and not the GT-r or the Z06, both of them are very fast cars, somewhat faster than the GT3 RS. Sometimes I still think about the GT-R then I remind myself, the radical SR8 is out there as well!!
You have arguably the best driver's car ever produced in the last decade,GREAT choice.Porsche GT cars are for purists that like the minimalistic approach to car design. This yields a car that is lightweight,eager to be pushed and FUN to drive compared to most super cars out there today.I can care less how many seconds car A has on car B at Track Z.How the car makes one feel behind the wheel is more important IMO than numbers on a sheet of paper.You cannot hide 800lbs of dead weight around the car and still come up with delicate feel and feedback from all 4 corners.