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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
I think you've jumped to some conclusions about what you think 'soft-stop' actually is, and what it feels like, otherwise you wouldn't be dwelling on things like "normal driving" and "road conditions".

The road conditions are pretty irrelevent really. It is a minor aspect of the driving experience and therefore I go back to my original point that people are getting their knickers in a twist about something which isn't a big issue.

Just to make it clear so you know what soft-stop is. When you apply the foot brake to come to a stop, in a normal car unless you ease off very slightly on the brake, the car will come to a jerky stop. Soft-stop allows you to apply the same constant brake pressure, and for the very last fraction of a second it will release the brakes allowing you to come to a smooth stop. It is hardly noticeable.

The road conditions are irrelevent. You can still come to an abrupt stop in the same way as you would without 'soft-stop'.

I find it bizarre that you are complaining about something which you haven't even experienced yet!

I tell you. You could drive it and you wouldn't even know it was there.
Look, the car interferes with the braking system as you brake, one way or another, "noticable" to various degrees--probably depends on who you ask. It is not safety related and therefore not necessary. I personally don't like the idea/concept/principle. I am, in principle, opposed to any such intervention when it comes to handling unless it makes things safer. I want to be able to make jerky stops if I feel like it. There is nothing you need to or can prove. It's subjective. Your original post merely reflects your own preference/opinion.