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Originally Posted by KTM505SX View Post
95+K will get you into a 997GT3,that will leave you in awe in not just power but grip,feel,build quality,weight(800lbs) and feedback.The soundtrack from the Metzger flat 6 at 8400rpms will make GTR sound like a Dyson.Keep on looking and try a GT3 at full wail,you'll be back here with another write up having forgotten about a particular Japanese car!
I will post some sound clip of the GT3 RS / RSS bypass combo. I also did testdrive a 2010 GT-R and it is very fast car. I am invited now to test the new 2012 one and likely will do next week. I cannot tell you why i did go with the GT3 RS and not the GT-r or the Z06, both of them are very fast cars, somewhat faster than the GT3 RS. Sometimes I still think about the GT-R then I remind myself, the radical SR8 is out there as well!!