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Originally Posted by Prophizee View Post
In my humble opinion I think its absolutely pointless unless I am missing something.
You are but it isn't necessarily obvious: ZCP is not strictly a performance option, despite the name "Competition Package". It does provide the car with a slightly the lower ride, slightly wider stance, active Sport EDC mode, and more forgiving MDM mode. And thus it may, under the right circumstances with the right driver, yield some measurable performance improvement. But it is not going to transform the car like aftermarket brakes, coil overs, and DOT racing tires would, for example.

Mind you I am not professional driver just like going Yo the track to have some fun and let go of some stress.
ZCP is perfect for you. But then so is the basic car without it. If you don't have any particular affinity for the ZCP-equipped car, either aesthetically or otherwise, then just skip it.
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