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Jeez... the more I read about this topic, the less I'm certain of what I SHOULD have done. I just had the 1200 miles service done today. I read in the supplemental manual that the speed should be limited to 85mph and the rpm no more than 5500. I think I passed the 5500 mark once. Other than that, I did vary the rpm in all the gears. After I got the service done, I took her up to about 7000 rpm. What a beautiful sound! I haven't noticed the power surge that everyone is talking about. Granted it was raining hard today. I'll have to see on a dry day if there's anything noticeably different about the way the car moves.

I bought the damn thing, so I hope that I did the right thing. I wish there was a definite answer to what we should do. There was a poll recently on whether owners followed the guideline or not. I believe > 80% of the people followed it.
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