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Originally Posted by GreasyGinzo View Post
you could do the turner test pipes and the sosi xpipe and still be cheaper than a full aftermarket xpipe. Or even cheaper get the Turner pipes and hollow out the secondaries.
that would be way too loud...

he would have no resonators, cats...nothing.....

But he would have maximum power gain, that's for sure!

The TTS (turner test pipes) replace the restricting 400 cell primaries

your 200cell and resonators are untouched

You will basically have a Challenge Sport X pipe, except instead of spending $2k, you would have spent only a couple hundred bucks
BIG difference

Now, the Challenge will prly give more power, but is the power worth the cost? That's up to debate.... but for me, I would say no

I would have gotten TTS if I did not need the weight savings of the Akra...and e93 is a heavy I need to lose weight!
though at times I think maybe I should sell the Akra X pipe and get TTS and use that $$ towards a supercharger.... or BBK..

next step: I physically start losing weight! lol.