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here's what you gonna get.
have some more Nordschleife Videos in my youtube channel....just search around.
But this one has the best camera angle (no ... it's not a M, it's my 570HP Challenger Detroit steel thing beating around the track)

To be honest. I think the pricing for the Ring Taxi is way to high. For 7-8min of fun it's a lot of money.

If you haven't ever driven on the Nordschleife...don't push it. There are many blind corners. Stay to the right
and cruise around. Don't disable the ESP system.

I don't see any issues to drive around with you own car.
A 4 lap ticket is 89euro, a 15 lap ticket is 310euro.

So you'll get nearly 15 laps with your own car or one lap as a passanger in the ring taxi.

Hmm....... I think you get the idea.