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Is the ring taxi worth it?

I was just looking into the BMW ring taxi as part of my ED trip and wanted to hear from those who have experienced it before.

My hesitation comes from the lack of flexibility with the reservation process.
(1) They make you pay for the ticket before you reserve a day with no guarantee that your day will be available.
(2) Only method of payment is wire transfer - my bank charges a $45 fee for wires and I have to go into the branch...lame excuse but I would much rather put it on a credit card and forget about it.
(3) Total cost for a "ride" is $280 + $45 fee = $325
(4) Back to #1 above - there is no real guarantee that I will get a spot so I could spend $325 for nothing (am I missing something or is this actually true??)

If it's worth the effort i'm all for it but i'm not convinced, what do you all think?

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