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Originally Posted by Trevor .:R View Post
Hey guys i was planning on going down the boost route but i only have an axleback exhaust wise.. i was told i would want full exhaust or the cats cut atleast to get maximum power. At the moment i have a Rpi GTM axleback but the full gtm was loud... my buddies gave me options of selling and buying a new exhaust or investing into turner test pipes i would really love some input. I have done research on all this looked for videos but cant really find to much also would the gains not be as much as a full x pipe? and does the turner pipe only cut primary or both sets of cats ? Thanks for all the advice!
Basically, the test pipes remove the primary 400cell cats which are the major restrictive factor in the system. You will find if you look at dyno results between an aftermarket HFC X-Pipe and a standard pipe with the primaries removed there is a slight difference in power, but many (including myself) will argue the extra amount isn't worth the $2000+ extra price tag.

I have coupled a Gintani race rear with the x-pipes, RPI scoops, BMC filter and an Evolve stage 2 tune on 98ron and the car feels absolutely amazing! It's almost like jumping into a different car, it's far more exciting and thrilling to drive hard.

This is obviously just my opinion, i'd much rather save the 2k and put it towards an ESS S/C Kit then drop it on a new length of pipe which you already have that does a perfectly fine job.