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I don't know what you mean by "normal" driving. Normal by what standard?...Well, maybe I've judged the road conditions, and for whatever reason I want to come to an abrupt stop. Then the dumbass technology kicks in, and I'll be cursing at the car. I'm fine with these kind of interventions when safety is an issue. But clearly, in this case, safety is not an issue. And then like you are saying, with any such system, there are always problems with recognizing events, and making false interventions, which is even more annoying. The previous poster seems to be complaining about the same thing.

Anyway, I'll have to drive the thing and then I can really let it loose on the idiot who came up with the idea. BMW engineers are great with engines, suspensions, and other core systems, and that's where they should focus their energy. Stuff like this sounds purely annoying and is somewhat typical of BMW's orientation with unnecessary technologies...