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NICE. You remind of the Ferrari nut I met a few months ago: 458, GTO, Enzo----all three the highest mileage Ferrari's in the world. The Enzo had like 13k on it. He said he bought them to drive and he said if you need a car to depreciate slowly, you couldn't afford it in the first place. I have to say I few things the way you do. I bought her to drive, not to sit in the garage.

OP: i respect your view as well....if you want a second car think about leasing a new civic, cheap, great has mileage and four doors.


[quote=Radiation Joe;10362326]There certainly are two camps when it comes to daily driving an M3. I didn't buy my M3 to look at it. I bought it so that I'd have something to drive every day that I LIKED driving. There is no doubt in my mind that it is significantly cheaper to take the depreciation on my e90 than to buy and maintain a second car. I put about 25k miles on my car every year. It costs me about $7k over two years to put the extra miles on my car.

I'm on my second "beater" M3. And, No; I don't care if the prissies out there would never buy my car used.