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Has anyone compared these PSS to the OE size PS Cup+?

I've searched around, and saw people comparing various other tires to PSS and to regular Cup, but not a comparison between these 2.

My tire shop stopped offering the 245&265/35R19 Cup+ and I don't see it on Michelin's Europe website either. I'm hoping they don't discontinue this size yet, as it was significantly better than the PS2 in the dry.

I don't know if it's worth it going out of my way to get the PS Cup+ over the PSS. Treadwear, value for money or other such factors are not relevant to me, good grip is, and of course that it is a street tire that can handle some rain, which the PS Cup+ did beautifully for me.

P.S.: Are the PSS noisy when they spin? I had to put some almost new PS2s on the rear and they squeal quite obnoxiously when I get some wheelspin from a standstill. I had forgotten about that feature of the PS2 while on the Cup+.

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