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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post

Liberal love for our soldiers is a relatively new (and shallow) thing. Wasn't that way in the past and it will fade away again as soon as the budget fight starts and we get the troops home. Soldiers are not a liberal constituency and social engineering and feel good legislation will take precedence. It's the way you roll, nothing new.

I spent almost three decades taking care of soldiers. Forgive me if I take your heartfelt declaration of soldier-love with a pound of salt--been there, heard that, don't believe you.
You are three decades behind if you think the Republican Party elites give a rat's ass about actual soldiers. The top power players see the military the same way they see schools and health care and social security, etc. The military is just another huge pool of money they want to skim 20% off the top of in privatized profit.

They want to replace you.

They want more mercenaries, more "private contractors", more war profiteering. And they DO NOT need Americans in their new mercenary army, they are using more and more foreigners even now.

They are playing you for a fool. They don't care about you or any soldier. But they will use your vote and your political backing against US soldiers by replacing them the same way our manufacturing base has been replaced. Good luck getting anything out of the Republican Party elites for soldiers after they have successfully outsourced your jobs to foreign contractors for a tidy 20% profit on their behalf.

If US soldiers actually understood that their OWN careers were going the same way Union jobs have already gone, soldiers would figure out they SHOULD align with their natural allies on the labor side of politics. Instead of sucking up to the big business war profiteer party that humps the Military, but sees actual US soldiers as a liability they don't need in order to reap profits.

If you keep voting for them and their supporters, don't come crying to those of us who actually give a damn about ALL soldiers as PEOPLE, when they kick you to the curb because you are nothing more than a finanacial liability to them that needs to be outsourced.

(PS -- If you don't understand that jobs once held by US soldiers are being outsourced to foreigners, and if you don't know about all the anti-soldier Republican policies, take a bit of time to learn what you don't know before responding)