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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Seems you and your diminished capacity brother are victims of the exact same challenges--can't read, can't stay on point, can't do much but engage in girly interweb slap fights. Clue--the OP isn't about the war and, so sorry, I never said word one about cutting funding. So it would seem you are, once again, irrelevant, off topic, angry and completely lost.
1) Only retards post in all-bold
2) I was replying to YOUR post about the war - so it would seem once more, that you have shot yourself in the foot.
3) I never said one of the things that you say "liberals say", so how do YOU like it?
4) The reason you made this reply is because you have no justification for the posts you make, so instead you just attack me.
5 - 9) Why wouldn't I be angry at the things you call me? And what am I "completely lost" about? What can't I read - I sure read your bigoted post. By replying to you, I'm engaging in a girly fight? So are we supposed to take your posts as the word of God, and never reply? Why would you post if you don't want a reply? What's the difference between irrelevant and off-topic?

We're all sick and tired of your empty rhetoric. Clue - stop using hackneyed platitudes, and actually say something factual, intelligent, and with a point.